Censeo Solutions, Inc. is an excellent resource to maximize outcomes and impact while minimizing cost. Chances are your funder required you to “crunch numbers”. But you don’t have a number cruncher. That’s where we come in.

Censeo provides services including, but not limited to:

  •  Program and Project Evaluation

Censeo provides a large list of evaluation options with program and projects. All evaluation plans are designed to meet the individual needs of you. Censeo Solutions has extensive experience evaluating programs designed to benefit children, youth, and adults. This includes a rigorous evaluation design which will incorporate demographic, survey, and outcome data. All outcomes are determined and established as part of the evaluation design process.


    • Data Management

Data Management is one of Censeo Solutions core strengths. This includes creating and developing databases in MS Access and FileMaker Pro. Upon database design, we provide training regarding data entry and work with you in order to incorporate easily accessible data reports in the data management design. All data management services include ongoing assistance for “trouble shooting”.


  • Data Analysis

Censeo Solutions provides data analysis services for clients who have contracted Censeo Solutions for Data Management services and for clients who have created their own data management systems. The staff of Censeo Solutions have experience utilizing MS Access, SPSS, SAS, and STATA. Services include data import and summary according to established program outcomes.


  • Program design, planning, and implementation

Another one of Censeo’s core services, are not only limited to program evaluation. The staff at Censeo Solution have years of experience with program design, planning and implementation. This includes utilizing data in order to determine the best research-based practices to incorporate, creating program specific manageable action plans, and are easy to implement. All program design services include establishing program performance measures.


  •  Performance measure development

In order to evaluate any program, project, or agency, performance measures must be established. Our team at Censeo Solutions are skilled in facilitating discussions in order to set performance measures. This includes consideration of factors which drive the data, availability of data, and data collection. Our team has been trained in Results Based Accountability. Typically performance measurement services are provided with the design of any evaluation plan.


  •  Policy Analysis

Censeo Solutions provides policy analysis services in order to measure the current or potential impact of public or private policy.  Policy analysis services are tailored to organizations and are provided for both macro and micro level policies.  Services include verifying and defining policy, establishing criteria to evaluate the policy, identification of alternative policy, analysis of alternatives and results.


  • Grant planning, writing, evaluation and management

Censeo Solutions routinely provides leadership to organizations pursuing large grant awards and can provide valuable insight and expertise at any point in the grant process. Also including planning, evaluating and managing grants at the local, state, and federal level; including private funds. Grant evaluation services can begin at any time; even after the award; and includes database creation, data analysis and reporting.


  • Survey development, execution and analysis

Development is based on research. Censeo utilizes and validates survey instruments in order to help you learn more about employees and program participants. This includes research and consideration to determine which surveys will best meet your needs and a formal presentation of designed surveys, complete with survey question rationale. Additionally, we are able to administer surveys – online or in person. After survey collection, we manage and analyze all survey results and summarize in a report.


  • Research

Whether program design, grant planning, or performance development; research is in everything Censeo Solutions touches.  This includes analyzing data in order to determine client needs, and then matching needs with research based practices. Specifically, research for grant writing, training services, or data analysis and management. Additionally, Censeo Solutions partners with Ph.D level statisticians in order to provide experimental and quasi-experimental design research for clients seeking validation of program practices.


  • Reporting

The team at Censeo Solutions are highly experienced regarding reporting and technical writing. Reporting services are usually incorporated with all services provided by Censeo Solutions. Reporting services include, but are not limited to; grant writing, grant evaluation, reports, data analysis reports, survey reports, reports of research and survey outcomes.


  • Coaching and Training

This service may include, working with your management team or staff, consulting exclusively with the CEO, or working with large groups or individuals. Valued as a core strength at Censeo Solutions, coaching and training is tailored to meet your needs. Our team has over a decade of management experience, including analyzing corporate needs. Censeo Solutions is certified in Youth Worker Methods.